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What You Need to Know About Embroidery through Digitizing Technique

You must have to produce top quality designs within short deadlines if you want to survive in the highly competitive field of the embroidery by using digitizing technique. If you want to start this business then you must have the knowledge about the embroidery designs and patterns which are made by the digitizers.

Investment Needed: In any kind of business first thing that every business owner needs to think about is the investment that is necessary to start a business. A good thing about this digitizing embroidery business is that it doesn’t require a heavy capital investment. Because of the advancements in technology in the last few years the software and other equipment necessary for this business is available at very affordable prices.

There is a rough idea; if you want to start this business from the scratch then you do not have to invest a hefty amount. You need to invest few thousand dollars initially. However, embroidery through digitizing technique is an art and mastering in this art is a big challenge with regular updates and you have to do a lot of hard work to satisfy and the expectations of your clients.

Tools & Equipment Required: You would have to buy a digitizing machine to start this business. Actually it is a program having different designs that are specially developed for the embroidery purpose. This machine helps you in converting the embroidery designs and patterns in the form of digital file. Along with the digitizing machine you also have to buy a normal embroidery machine that can read and elaborate the embroidery on the clothes.

Skills & Expertise Needed: If you really want to get the success in this business then you should be an expert embroiderer. However, in the digitizing embroidery the computers complete most of the work, but the human involvement and expertise are playing a very important role. It is vital that you should have good knowledge of working with the embroidery machines and computers also.

If you do not have any kind of experience in the past then it is mandatory to get some knowledge by joining an embroidery school. These institutions teach you the correct usage of the digitizing software and other basic things regarding to the digitizing embroidery.

Services: There are several areas in this business where you can provide your services. You have an option to offer custom embroidery designs for the corporate businesses. These brands need tag lines and logos to be digitized on the banners and shirts for the promotional and advertising purposes. The other option is to digitize the clothes for the general public.

Remember this business has an extremely tough competition for both, the freelances and established brands and nowadays you would not only have to compete locally but you have to compete on the international basis. Therefore, before starting this business, first of all make up your mind for some really hard work, because the expectations of the clients are increasing day by day. So, you have to provide the top quality  embroidery in limited time in order to satisfy them.


Embroidery Fonts

Choosing The Best Personalized Embroidery Fonts

Printed outfits have never been out of date and embroidery turns out to be a new trend among those who want to personalize their outfits. Embroidered logos on outfits is a new way to represent one’s community and lifestyle and it is important to choose good quality of embroidery. However, the next important thing about well designed embroidery is the choice of font.

Embroidery fonts are available in various kinds and each font has its own style which can represent the characteristic of the logo. If you have your own embroidery business, then you should have a digital embroidery machine with uploaded fonts. This is because most people will choose certain fonts which can represent their existence. Embroidery fonts can speak millions of words through their colors and forms. So, choosing embroidery companies with endless lists of fonts will be strongly recommended because you don’t have to run out of choices.

Just like computer fonts, embroidery fonts are also applicable easily when the company uses digital embroidery machines. The better the machine, the more choices of fonts which are available for customers to choose. A good machine can provide proper width, length and letter formation which are used for forming symbols or words based on the desired design. The technology is very common these days and most garment companies provide extensive choices of fonts so that clients can have more options.

It is easy to choose the best embroidery fonts because most of them resemble to computer fonts like Times New Roman, Tahoma and so forth. They are the most favorite ones because they feature standard characteristics which are commonly used and they are easy to recognize. Mostly, they are used for companies for formal outfits or other promotional stuff which are formal. Conventional fonts like Arial or Serif have good standards so that they are mostly favored.

The kids’ choices, the most used embroidery fonts will be Comic Sans, Pixie or Kindergarten. They are cute in forms and they will be applied with some colors in which they feature unique patches which are suitable for kids. They are mostly used on hats, jackets and other outfits for kids. The Unique form of the fonts will reveal the spontaneous personality of kids and they can make a great representation of kids’ daily activities which are active and playful.

Embroidery fonts are always perfect for representing the logos or name tags for all companies because they can reveal the professionalism of companies. Outfits with good fonts will make the companies look professional and they will get a positive point of views from their partners. So, if you are a company owner and you plan to personalize company outfits, then the choice of an embroidery font should be proper with the company’s representation. The colors of the thread and the fabrics should match because this can represent the company’s existence. It is better to avoid too much contrast color as it will bring weird impression for a company’s logo or name tags. It is better to have an advisor who is specializing on design graphic so that there will be no disappointment later on.

How To Screen Print

How to Screen Print?

Screen-printing is not a new technique. It has been around in Asia forever. It was introduced in the west only in the last century. It only received a lukewarm reception until they started using it for  T-shirts in the 1960s and it was the start of the major screen printing revolution. Now a day it is a very popular method of making designs on fabrics and garments. Its basic principle is very simple. You create a screen or a mesh that you place on the object that you want to put your print on. Then you put the ink on the screen and move it with the help of a rubber blade called a squeegee to apply ink to your substrate.

Simple! Isn’t it? As they say the devil is in the detail. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to make this simple process work. The first thing that you have to take care off is the preparation of the screen. You need to design the mesh that will allow only the right amount of ink to go on to the substrate and blocks of the rest of it. You will also need to make sure that ink only enters the substrate at the desired point and does not leave any unwanted marks on the rest of the substrate. The natural question would be. What is substrate? It is just a fancy word for the medium, on which you are going to print your image, traditionally it used to be silk, but now you can do it in any of the mediums. You can do it on plastics, paper, fabrics of all kinds and on many other products and raw materials also.

Once you have prepared your substrate, it is time to prepare your screen. In order to do that you cover the mesh with a special emulsion and let it dry until it is ready and then you burn it. You must coat it with special materials and with a special technique. It will ensure that only the part that you will not need will burn away and the remaining remains intact. Once you have done that you are ready to proceed to the next step. Before doing that you also need to fix your screen in the wooden borders. At this stage, your mesh should resemble the final shape that you want to print on your substrate Now put your screen on the top of your substrate and use ink well from bottom towards the top.

What happens is that by this stage your mesh is soaked with ink now you push it down with the help of your squeegee. Once it deposits the ink on the substrate, you relieve the pressure on mesh and it jumps right back to the top, for the process to start all over again. You need to make certain modifications if you want to print a multi-colored image. This method is for monochrome or single color printing only. Basic techniques remain the same, but you have to make adjustments as the screen print and the process becomes more complicated.

Embroidery Digitizing

How Digitizing on Embroidery Works?

Embroidery digitizing becomes one of the most innovative things in the garment industry because it really can change the conventional method of embroidery. We all know for sure that it is very complicated in embroidering even a single piece of embroidery. Even a single mistake can ruin the whole job and it was necessary to repeat the whole process. So, you can imagine how complicated it was. Anyone who is an expert in embroidery is considered very expert and he or she was having such extraordinary talent.  So, we should be thankful to the innovator of computerized system of embroidery pattern back in the beginning of the 80’s in which ‘embroidery digitizing’ became a new trend ever since

The main advantage of embroidery digitizing is that it can reduce production cost in a very significant way. You can imagine how much money that an embroidery company will pay for the labors for conventional handmade artwork. Besides, it requires longer time for a person to make one piece of embroidered pattern compared to computerized software for embroidery output. Digitizing is essentially an adroit in which different patterns are to be a result of  artwork. Everything is handled by programs of the computer as it applies certain which can convert the uploaded design into a form of digital.

With the existence of embroidery digitizing, demands remain high and there are business owners who prefer to use the digital software for embroidery so that they can reduce production cost and grab greater profits so that they can stay for long term business. Though there will be a reduction on the cost of production, a business owner should pay attention to the cost of the software. The original one will be very expensive and he or she should maintain it properly so that it can be used for long term business. Besides, the owner of the company still has to hire an expert in operating the software. It surely requires a person who has special skill in computer and he or she has to have basic embroidery knowledge.

It should be noted that the embroidery digitizing software has elaborate application to run. This is because the owners will have several clients who have different sense and tastes. A client from a reputable company will not order too colorful embroidery and on the other hand, a kindergarten school will not order plain colors for their badge or other personalized outfits. So, with all the complex demand, a business owner should choose a software with complex tools which will be needed for making some conversion from conventional patterns to high technology embroidery.

So, embroidery digitizing can become a great help for them who want to personalize their own communities’ symbols. You may need to create your class’ logo and you have no budget to hire a professional designer. So, you can make the most of the software and explore your creativity by running the software based on the tutorial given. Most software for embroidery digitizing is user friendly and almost anyone who has good computer skill can do it.

Embroidered Shirts

Cheer Your Favorite Team With Customized Embroidered Shirts

Football and cricket are probably the two sports in the world that people are completely mad about. These sports are sometimes even cheered more than the spirit with which they are played. So it is obvious that the fans would want to have full dedication to their favorite teams. In all the games, the fans turn out in a large crowd wearing the jerseys of their teams and cheering with full enthusiasm. Sometimes it may be possible that you want something more to cheer apart from the club jersey or perhaps you can’t afford to buy the shirt until the next month. In such a case, having embroidered shirts of your favorite teams is an option that you can easily choose and be proud to wear.

There are the team logos available on the internet and also some cloth pieces available as free merchandise. You can use these for designing your own embroidered shirts with team logos on them. Having such personalized shirts is a thing to be proud about and you can have a lot of fun designing different kinds of shirts for your favorite team. These shirts can be used out of the stadium too. You can wear these with pride and show your support.

You can also choose the embroidered shirts that are ready made and sold by many brands which have tie ups with the clubs. You have a lot to choose from among these shirts. You can choose Polo T-shirts, full sleeve cotton shirts, pullovers and other kinds of customized embroidered shirts for your favorite team.

Customizing the shirts is not a big task. There are many online tools available for free which let you play with different combinations and design the embroidered shirts the way you want. You can even add your favorite player’s name, club’s logo or anything that makes you feel good. There are also text T-shirts available online.

You can support your favorite team by customizing all of your merchandise. This can be a good thing to do as you can go to the next match and proudly chant your favorite team’s name. Such customized T-shirts are also favorable for many organizations and fan clubs.  You can embroider your stuff and show your devotion and loyalty for the team with great pride. You can even be the attention catcher in the arena.

Embroidery is not just limited to shirts and jerseys; you can try it on a whole lot of different things to see what suits your style the best. You can customize your sportswear gears and get cool wristbands and headbands to go along with your embroidered shirts and be a true fan.

Thus embroidered shirts can be a good choice for you if you want to try out something different to show your love for the team and want something more than just the default club jersey. Embroidered apparel and accessories are a growing trend in the market these days and it won’t be a surprise if they are the next big fashion this season.

Custom Embroidery

Benefits of Custom Embroidery for Brand Promotion & Business

  The addition of the custom embroidery to the uniform of your company can make the outlook of your brand more established, secure and sophisticated as well. These custom designs offer your organization or brand a higher professed value and with the help of embroidered uniform your company can gain respectability and good reputation in the market.

These dresses also help a lot in standing out from the crowd and this way your business would not blend with the other ones. Here are a few points that will help you to clear that how custom embroidery could help you in the promotion of your brand.

It Provides Professional Look

The first and foremost advantage of the custom embroidery on uniform shirts is that it looks professional. The logo of a brand looks great when it is embroidered on the shirt and it simply raises the bar of standard and elegance on the uniform of your employee.

So, if you want to personalize the shirts then you can simply stick with the traditional or classic technique of embroidery and in case if you do not have any kind of experience about the different types of garments or fabrics then go and ask an expert, since it is the best way to get the perfect logo or design on the shirt.


Without any doubt, an embroidered shirt is a walking hoarding of your brand. If you want to make a statement then ignore plain polo’s or button down shirts and go with the shirts which have logos embroidered on the chest of the shirts or you can also add an applique on the sleeves or back of the shirt.

Discriminate Your Organization from Others

When it comes to the promotion of a business then the most important facet is your business has to be unique and in this matter the custom embroidery strategy can help a lot in differentiating you from the other businesses and brands. Embroidered hats and aprons are great examples of an overall professional and well-polished look for your workers. This way you can give a refined and more professional look to your business.

It is Extremely Flexible

Most of the people think that the utilization of custom embroidery restricts you to the limited fabrics, which is only a mis perception about it and the truth is that you have a wide variety of materials available for the custom embroidery purposes. You can choose between track jackets, cotton, fleece sweatshirts, denim and even hats or aprons. However, some materials are better than others for the embroidery works, so it is important to consult an expert before making any final decision.

Lots of Experts

You have to think about your needs when you are looking for a custom embroidery maker. Today there are too many expert embroiders are working in the market that can offer you too many options, a quick turn around and attentive customer service. The manufacturers also offer different types of colors, fabric and lettering options for the custom embroidery outfits.