Embroidery Designs

The Embroidery Designs On The Golf T-Shirt

The embroidery has the ability to make a powerful statement when you are thinking about adding a logo or design on the golf shirts. These shirts are also known as corporate causal shirts, polo and sport shirts. Actually it adds the dimension and depth to any sort of garment and generally it is used to label a classy country club or a top quality manufacturer.

Literally, golf T-shirts are designed for the golf courses, since they have various arm hole angles, larger chest size as compare to the traditional T-shirts that allows the players to easily move its arm in the different directions during the game. However, the utilization and the concept of the golf shirts have moved away from the golf clubs to the casual parties and dinners.

These days the golf T-shirts are not only designed for the men, but they are also available for the ladies as well as kids. When it comes to golf T-shirts then embroidery is a traditional style that adds the unique and elegant interest and style in these kinds of outfits.

Generally most of these shirts have embroidery designs on the right or left side of the chest. This embroidery may be the design of a logo or the name of a member or employee. If you also want to make embroidery designs on these shirts then make sure that they are small enough to easily fit in the available space. Apart from chest, these embroidery designs are also placed on the back, collar and sleeves of the T-shirts.

Most of the organizations and vendors like to add slogan, design or logo on the sleeves of the shirts, as it helps them in gratifying their needs of promotion and advertisements. The back of the collar is also a nice and unique place to put a message or a slogan with the help of embroidery on the golf shirts.

The most exceptional thing about embroiling designs on the golf T-shirts is that these designs and slogans can easily put on every kind of fabric such as blended jersey, Jacquard, tapestry, waffle weaves, cotton, peached twill etc. Each kind of material has its own unique characteristics, pros and cons. If you are looking for the cheap embroidery designs on the golf T-shirts then just go for the thinner fabrics because it is way easier to embellish the designs on the thinner material as compare to the thicker one.

The embroidery designs for most of the golf T-shirts are made from the traditional thread which is known as rayon. The reason behind the use of this specific thread is that it last for long and also have the ability to keep the sheen and color of the entangled design. Although, if you are a person who would like to wash your T-shirt in the cold water then polyester may be a better option for you.

When going to design the embroidery design on the golf T-shirts, make sure that your digitizer has the enough experience to perfectly deal with your T-shirts. A professional and experienced digitizer has good information about which thread is most suitable for the specific fabric.


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